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Carpet | Rug Steam Clean


This is the most effective method to clean your carpet. The area is firstly pre-sprayed using a Lavender shampoo, which helps loosen heavy dirt and stains. Hot water is flushed out of the jets of the cleaning tool at high pressure, forcing through the carpets fibres to remove soil and contaminants, that are then extracted by the vacuum. After the process is completed, it generally takes between 2-4 hours drying time.

Upholstery | Mattress | Car Interior Steam Clean


This service is done in the same method as the carpet steam clean but using a smaller cleaning tool for a more detailed clean. It is extremely important to get your upholstery professionally cleaned regularly, as sweat and grime can easily be absorbed.

Water Extraction


It is imperative that you source the water leak and try to stop the flow of the water. This will minimize the spread of mould and bacteria, especially if it is not from a clean water pipe. Water from a waste pipe may potentially run the risk of bacterial growth, a sanitized clean will be the only option, as it may cause health issues if not treated properly.